Ginseng – An herb that may purify the blood when eaten.
PricklyAsh – A swamp-dwelling tree with bark that restores sanity.
Echinacea – The purple-coneflower that grows in the forests.
Ginger – A low-lying forest plant.
Myrrh gum – A sticky bush that, when eaten, increases scholasticism.
Planting – Planting herbs and plants in new locations.
Bellwort – A wildflower that counters the effects of altruism.
Sac – The venom sac of a rattlesnake.
Immunity – A brew to help you shrug off deadly poisons.
Lastharvest – The ability to see who last harvested in a room.
Naturalism – Discover who exterminated a room last.
Bloodroot – An underground root that can cure paralysis, among others.
Hawthorn – The berry of the hill-dwelling hawthorn bush.
Kuzu – The fast-growing jungle vine.
Epidermal – A salve to cure certain exterior afflictions.
Skullcap – This downy plant has an interesting effect when smoked.
Slipper – The lady's slipper plant is found in the Savannah.
Mana – A brew to replenish your mental strength.
Goldenseal – This Savannah-dwelling plant restores harmony when eaten.
Drying – The ability to preserve your herbs.
Valerian – A mountain-dwelling plant with smokeable properties.
Health – A brew that will heal your wounds.
Bayberry – A hill-dwelling tree with valuable bark.
Cohosh – The curiously white plant that induces insomnia.
Lobelia – A beautiful scarlet wildflower with therapeutic properties.
Pear – The fruit of the prickly pear cactus.
Weed – The mind-altering cactus weed.
Irid – Iridescent moss growing underground.
Sileris – A lush, berry-bearing plant which grows in valleys.
Kelp – The grass of the sea. It has strengthening attributes.
Venom – A brew to increase your resistance to poison damage.
Frost – A mixture to increase your resistance to fire.
Caloric – A salve to increase your resistance to the cold.
Feathers – The feathers of various birds.
Levitation – A mixture that allows you to hover.
Diamond – Powdered diamond dust.
Mending – A salve to repair your broken body.
Mass – A salve that will greatly increase your weight.
Sidewinder – The powdered skin of a sidewinder.
Speed – An elixir to slow your perception of time.
Kola – The nut of this jungle tree can keep you quite alert.
Elm – Slippery elm from the red elm tree.
Gold – Liquid gold.
Restoration – A necessary salve for healing mutilated body parts.

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